LIVIN’ COLORS DESIGN a.k.a LCD is an interior design studio headed by Amith Chhabra, a self-taught designer who refers to his creative calling as pure serendipity.

Since 2002, LCD has designed an impressive array of projects from restaurants to retail spaces, and residential to commercial projects.

What fuels us at LCD is our passion for design and creativity—we believe that a space should have soul, be it a restaurant, retail space or your home.

LCD is constantly evolving and we are driven by the desire to create one-of-a-kind spaces that captivate.
Over the years, the resulting projects are known for their unique, fresh and timeless aesthetic.

Our work-style is collaborative, open and driven by our love of good design. Most importantly, we listen—a small gesture that makes everything else easier.

What also sets LCD apart is the personal attention that we give each of our projects from the get-go. It is this distinctive approach that has helped us form everlasting bonds with our clients over the years.

At LCD, we like to push ourselves as far as we can go and design with relentless passion until the very end.
We don't use a set of rules to determine how to decorate and believe that is it our freedom of mind that activates our creativity.